Metal Gear Survive will be a parallel story, won’t be included in the whole saga

Recently Konami revealed a brand new Metal Gear title, Metal Gear Survive. The reveal trailer left people with a lot of questions, and while many will remain unanswered for now, here are some more details that may clarify a few things.

  • The game won’t be full priced when it launches, it will cost less than $60 (according to website Polygon)
  • The game is being made by the same team that made MGSV (aside from those who left Konami of course) and runs on the FOX Engine. Konami doesn’t want to specify who the director is at this point
  • A lot of people asked for co-op, that is why the team is designing a game specifically around this mechanic
  • However, the game can also be played solo
  • The game is a parallel story set in an alternate universe, similar to the side missions in Ground Zeroes, and thus will not be included in the whole saga. It’s spin-off game set in an alternate timeline
  • The game is meant to appeal not only to MGS fans but to all gamers by delivering a unique gaming experience

After seeing the reveal trailer, some people were worried that the game won’t feature the stealth gameplay the series is known for. However, Konami brand manager Richard Jones had the following to say about this concern:

“Co-op is only one of the gameplay mechanics. Obviously Metal Gear is well-known for its stealth, that is, primarily, what makes Metal Gear. There is stealth in it, I know when you’re watching the trailer it’s all very action-packed and it doesn’t really elicit that feeling, but there will be stealth and one of the really interesting things that we will be exploring and playing with is how stealth and co-op can actually co-exist.”


The premise of Metal Gear Survive is as follows: after the destruction of Mother Base seen in MGSV: Ground Zeroes, the Mother Base staff left behind on the collapsed structure is pulled through a wormhole that inexplicably shows up. Aside from the staff members, parts of Mother Base and items are pulled through as well. Jones explains what happens from here:

“When your soldier wakes up, they are in a desert landscape. A very forbidding, foreboding, alien-looking landscape with lots of twisted wreckage and lots of things that have fallen through this wormhole. So you’ll find half-formed, half-destroyed structures and all kinds of interesting stuff there.”

Since you’re not alone in this landscape, but other staff members are there as well, you have to work as a team in order to survive.

On Reddit, Konami also answered some questions by fans. Some information on the gameplay mechanics was shared:

“In order to survive, players will have to hide (Stealth), collect material and ressources in order to build new pieces of equipment, new weapons and new camps (CRAFT), and sometimes he also has to cooperate with other players to get his hands on powerful equipment (COOP) or to fight against the waves of creatures attacking the camp (DEFENCE).”

About the difference between The Phantom Pain and Survive, they had this to say:

“TPP was a game where you face other soldiers. The development team had already in mind the idea to make a stealth game where the player would have to face non-human enemies with different abilities and behaviour, and where the cooperation between the players to complete difficult missions would be an important element. The development team is really hoping to deliver a new experience, different from TPP, to the MGS fans.”


Source: Polygon, VG247, Reddit, Eurogamer

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