Some more Metal Gear Survive info: player customization, more difficult in single player

Japanese magazine PlayStation Dengeki published a short interview with a developer of Metal Gear Survive, in which he answered some general questions. The interview was translated by website Play-Asia, and while most of it is already known, some new details were shared. Check out Play-Asia’s translation below:

Q: What kind of game is Metal Gear Survive
A: We’re using the world and action of MGSV:TPP but based on an up to 4 player co-operative game. Using the charm points of the “Metal Gear” such as its Stealth Action mission base but giving it a twist by adding a new element with a “Survival Action” twist which we hope Metal Gear fans and non-fans will both enjoy.

Q: Which staff members will be spear-heading the development of the game?
A: A lot of the development staff from MGSV:TPP will be returning to help create Metal Gear Survive.

Q: Where exactly does this game fall in the timeline of the Franchise?
A: This happens directly after the end of MGS:GZ.

Q: Who is the Main player character in this game?
A: The Main Character of Metal Gear Survive is a soldier straight from Mother Base.

Q: What kind of world does the Main Character get himself tied up in?
A: The world of Metal Gear Survive is nothing you’ve never seen before. It’s similar to MGSV:GZ “Side Ops”, but this game stems into a brand new timeline different from MGSV:TPP.

Q: Why has the main character been sucked into this mysterious world?
A: As Mother Base is being bombarded with explosives at the end of MGSV:GZ a worm-hole opens above the devastation that was the Mother Base which sucks up the main character among other things.

Q: What enemies will we be facing in Metal Gear Survive?
A: There are “Creatures” that never existed in the main timeline.

Q: Will we be able to customize our Main character? E.G Gender, Appearance, Equiptment, Weapons etc?
A: The player will indeed get to customize their character. You’ll be able to use several weapons such as the Spear or Bow from the announcement trailer. You’ll be able to develop your own equipment for your own play style too.

Q: Will there be Online Multiplayer?
A: Apart from Single player mode there will be an up to 4 player co-op multiplayer mode.

Q: What are the differences between Single Player & Multiplayer modes?
A: In Metal Gear Survive, your enemies are known as “Creatures”. In Single Player you will be able to stealthily manoeuvre around them calling back to echoes from the main MGS timeline, you will be able to do the same alongside your teammates in Multiplayer. However, taking on waves of Creatures in Single Player will be far more difficult compared to online mode.

Q: Will the main character have a Home Base of Head Quarters of sorts?
A: As seen in the Announcement trailer, Mother Base will become the starting base. Enemies will be surrounding the base and may attack at certain points. Apart from that we cannot reveal any more at this current time.

Q: As the title suggest… will we be seeing Metal Gears in the game?
A: We cannot reveal any information at this time.

Q: When will we be able to see in-game footage?
A: We’re making preparations for that so please look forward to future announcements.

Q: Could you please make a comment for the Metal Gear fans as well as the readers of Dengeki?
A: We’re bringing the highly enjoyed MGSV:TPP action and following it up with a little twist where you battle non-human creatures alongside a mass off difficult missions that you can complete alongside friends online. The game is smoothly coming along and we hope MGS fans & new fans alike enjoy our brand new look on the franchise.

Metal Gear Survive will release in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Play-Asia

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