First Metal Gear Survive gameplay shown at Tokyo Game Show

During this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Konami showed the first gameplay for the upcoming Metal Gear Survive, which is slated for release in 2017. In the video you can see how the new mechanics factor into the gameplay mechanics of Metal Gear Solid V.

You can see the gameplay here (English subtitles available):

Update: Konami also released a version with English audio:

In addition to their presentation on the show floor, Konami has released a bunch of screenshots for the game. On the images you can see some of the new mechanics such as injury treatment and item crafting, as well as the co-op action that will be at the center of this game.

metal-gear-survive-tgs-2016-screen-1 metal-gear-survive-tgs-2016-screen-2 metal-gear-survive-tgs-2016-screen-3 metal-gear-survive-tgs-2016-screen-4 metal-gear-survive-tgs-2016-screen-5 metal-gear-survive-tgs-2016-screen-6 metal-gear-survive-tgs-2016-screen-7 metal-gear-survive-tgs-2016-screen-8 metal-gear-survive-tgs-2016-screen-9 metal-gear-survive-tgs-2016-screen-10 metal-gear-survive-tgs-2016-screen-11

Metal Gear Survive will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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