Kojima: We are pretty much witnessing Virtual Reality becoming Reality

Virtual reality has become a big thing as of late in gaming, and with the release of PlayStation VR Sony is bringing this technology to consoles in an affordable way. As a game designer who is always interested in new ways to engage the player, Kojima seems enthusiastic about the possibilities.

“20 years ago I made the tutorial called VR Mission in the game. Today VR that has a potential of the real tutorial(simulator)’s released. We are pretty much witnessing “Virtual Reality” becoming “Reality”.”

“Playstation VR!” – Hideo Kojima

“Remember when you ride the bycicle for the 1st time. You must’ve experienced totally different new world from what you had felt before. Today’s VR is like such moment, the various dreams can be broaden only if you ride. Where should I go? Somewhere seaside? To the street with cherry blossom trees? Such fantasy would bring us the next joy.”

In an interview held in February of this year, Kojima expressed interest in the technology, saying he’d like to ‘bring out feelings in people that are unique to VR’.

In August it was announced that he would serve as an advisor to Prologue Immersive, a company creating virtual reality experiences.

While his new game Death Stranding won’t necessarily make use of VR, it does seem Kojima sees potential in this new technology.


Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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