PSX 2016: Death Stranding will use Guerrilla Games’ Decima engine, Kojima talks about the collaboration

During the Death Stranding Panel at the PlayStation Experience 2016, Hideo Kojima talked about the game’s (currently announced) cast, its engine and the collaboration with Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam.

After being welcomed on the stage by host Geoff Keighley, Kojima and Ken Mendoza (acting as his translator) first played a new version of the Mads Mikkelsen reveal trailer, with different music. This time around the images were accompanied by a song by Low Roar, a band we all know from the debut trailer.

Keighley asked about the involvement of Guillermo del Toro, and Kojima replied that while they did scan his body, his face and many expressions, as well as different sets of clothes, he won’t be lending his voice and performance to this character himself. “The reason is, I cannot take too much time from Guillermo because he would get behind on his new projects.” Kojima said.


The main talking point of the panel however, was the announcement of the game engine that the studio is using to build Death Stranding. Kojima revealed the game is going to run on the Decima Engine, the engine built by Guerrilla Games that powers all of their games.


To talk some more about this collaboration, Keighley invited two special guest to the stage: PlayStation lead architect Mark Cerny and Hermen Hulst, managing director at Guerrilla. When Kojima visited Guerrilla during his tech tour he was given a box containing the source code of their engine.


Hermen explained he wanted to help Kojima out, since he just lost his own engine to Konami. What followed was a collaboration between both studios, in which both parties added to the code base and came up with new ideas for their shared technology. “The benefit for us at Guerrilla is that we really have an additional set of brains on the technology.” Hermen explained. “We have people from an entirely different background that have worked on a different set of projects adding to the code base and to the ideas and that we can share again with the entire team back in Amsterdam.”


Kojima also showed some rendering tests with various assets from the game placed inside a digital version of their current meeting room, but also noted that the actual game will look ‘much better’.

To further facilitate the studios’ collaboration, Kojima Productions is setting up a satellite studio alongside Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam.


Source: Death Stranding PSX Panel

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