Win a copy of The Art of Metal Gear Solid V by participating in our screenshot contest

Update: the winners have been announced.

We are pleased to announce Konami has been generous enough to provide us with three awesome prizes for a contest. Here is what you can win:

– 1 copy of The Art of Metal Gear Solid V: Limited Edition (more details)
– 2 copies of The Art of Metal Gear Solid V


Here’s what you have to do: get back into Metal Gear Solid V (Ground Zeroes or The Phantom Pain) and give us your best screenshot (preferably gameplay). It can be the funniest, the most beautiful, the most interesting… However, there is one rule: it cannot be manipulated in any way. So no modded cutscenes or digitally enhanced images. It has to come straight from the regular game.

The best screenshot wins the Limited Edition artbook, the second and third best the normal version.

You can enter until December 15th 12:00 CET. Send your entry along with your full address to

Now go, let the legend come back to life!

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