Half-scale Ludens statue returns to Kojima Productions as the studio turns one

Kojima Productions was established as an independent studio exactly 1 year ago today. Kojima looked back at the past year and how the studio grew from a few people with barely any equipment to where it is today.

“A year ago today. 4 crew members started the new studio. At that time, it was a tiny rental office, had no fax or priter or tool at all. I had my new laptop, Yoji had paper & whity pen and handmade Kojima Production T-shirts. And we had DREAM & HOPE. It’s been a year since then, the new enterprise is waiting for the beginning of adventure in the dock.

In Jan, worked on planning, searched the location to base in, the technology & strand, started recruiting staff, broadcasting HideoTube. In Feb, started technical experiments. In March, started gameplay experiments. In April, started experiments on the story’s worldview. In May, announced LUDENS in Sweden. In June, announced DS teaser at E3. In July, announced KJP logo trailer at SDCC. In Dec, announced the 2nd DS teaser at TGA, and DECIMA game engine at PSX.”

Chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios Shawn Layden congratulated the studio via Twitter, as well as Guerrilla Games.

Hideo Kojima and the official Kojima Productions Twitter also posted some more photos of the half-scale Ludens figure created by Prime 1, showing the assembly and some of the details such as the stand (complete with footprints) and the tip of the spear that holds the flag.

“Welcome home, Ludens (1:2 scale). Thanks to ! And yes, we plan to make it commercially available in the future ;)” – Kojima Productions Twitter

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Kojima Productions Twitter, Shawn Layden Twitter

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