Hideo Kojima visited Guerrilla Games to work on Decima Engine

A few days ago Kojima flew to the Netherlands to visit Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam. As we know Kojima Productions and Guerrilla are collaborating on the Decima Engine, with Kojima even setting up a satellite studio within Guerrilla Games (they are currently looking for programmers to work there).

Hideo Kojima visiting Guerrilla

The Decima Engine has proven itself to be a very competent engine, capable of generating incredibly rich open worlds while maintaining steady performance. Guerrilla’s latest game, Horizon Zero Dawn was just released to critical acclaim, and visually it’s own of the most stunning games currently on the market.

Kojima did not give any concrete details as to what was discussed during his visit, but his personal assistant Ayako tweeted out the following:

Discussing from horizon to our future.

Hermen Hulst, managing director at Guerrilla Games had this to say:

This was 5mins of versus mode; the rest of the day was collaborative mode on Decima Engine. I’ll let Hideo Kojima say who won though 😉

Seeing how well Horizon holds up from a technical standpoint we can conclude Kojima made the right choice with this engine. It’ll be interesting to see how he will adapt and improve it for his own game Death Stranding.

And of course Kojima couldn’t leave Holland without trying some ‘haring’.

Source: Hermen Hulst Twitter, Ayako Twitter, Hideo Kojima Twitter

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