Kojima on his current game development process: ‘there is no doubt or waste’

Kojima Productions is currently hard at work on their game Death Stranding. While we haven’t had many concrete updates over the last few weeks, this week Kojima did give some insight in his current creative process.

Last week I was working mainly on the game design, this week going back to focus on the scenario development.

In a follow up tweet the game director explained how he is involved with the many different aspects of game creation on a daily basis, and how every step along the creative process is valuable.

I do game creation everyday. Writing, setting, making specs are done at my desk while doing game design, direction on site. More specifically while checking game in progress, the models, background, lightings, movements, camera, sound, effects on daily basis, I make orders where to fix, solve problems with ideas for better results. There’s no doubt or waste.

We may see more of Death Stranding at the Tribeca Film Festival later this month, or at the E3 in June.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, 2

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