Actor Christopher Randolph on what he likes about Huey in MGSV

In a recent interview with OneofUs.Net, Christopher Randolph, who played both Otacon and Huey in the Metal Gear series talked about what he liked about both characters. He states that Otacon is closest to his heart and he feels like his story could be expanded upon on the future (maybe even in the form of his own game), whereas Huey’s story is kind of a ‘closed loop’. As Randolph voices both characters, father and son, one of the things to figure out is how the differentiate the two.

“It was really interesting to kind of reverse-engineer a character based on the character’s son.” Randolph explained. “In Peace Walker he was as much a narrator as anything else […] There was a lot of sort of explaining circumstances in Peace Walker, and you got to know him a little bit. But then when we got to Metal Gear V, you began to really learn about him.”

As opposed to Otacon, who can mostly be considered a good person, Huey is more of a morally gray character.

“It’s really interesting to play a character like that, because you can go back and forth about, is he good, or is he bad, or what’s going on, and what did he really do, and what did he not really do… And it’s funny because you do these games in bits and pieces over sometimes a couple of years. So I was never really sure if he was good or bad, which I think is great. I think that’s the way to approach a character no matter what. Because nobody thinks that they’re bad. Nobody, even serial killers, they have reasons for doing what they’re doing. So you really can’t approach playing a character with that kind of judgement on it. And I think that’s one of the things that made it so good in Metal Gear V, is there’s this ambivalence. Is he good, is he not good?”

Huey was eventually expelled from Diamond Dogs after being accused of various crimes. As he is lowered towards the ocean, he still keeps insisting that he did nothing wrong, and that Kaz, Ocelot and Snake are fooling themselves at his expense, making him look bad. Earlier, as proof of this self-deception he points at DD, exclaiming:  “You named him D-Dog, but it’s obvious – anyone can see that’s a wolf!” This to him is an example of the way the Diamond Dogs are deluding themselves and creating their own convenient reality, and that they are hypocritical when pointing to him as a villain. The Diamond Dogs, in turn, feel that Huey has convinced himself of his own convenient lies. In the end, Snake decides that Huey is not one of them, and he lets him drift away from Mother Base. Diamond Dogs has no place for dissidents. It must have a single will.

Source: OneofUs.Net, YT

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