Konami gives update on nuclear weapon ownership in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

After several months of silence, Konami has today once again provided new data that shows the exact number of nukes owned on each platform. A new community support for the Japanese community, ‘J-San’, is planning to give updates on a ‘regular basis’. Here are the latest numbers:

Today’s update (May 12th)

  • PS4: 2194
  • PS3: 917
  • Xbox One: 152
  • Xbox 360: 315
  • Steam: 8423

For comparison’s sake, here are the numbers from the previous update (September 29th)

  • PS4: 1979
  • PS3: 830
  • Xbox One: 197
  • Xbox 360: 315
  • Steam: 7682

As you can see all nukes number went up, except for Xbox 360 which stayed the same and Xbox One, which actually decreased.

As you will probably know, brining the nuclear weapon count to 0 on either platform will unlock the ‘nuclear disarmament scene’, a hidden cutscene, and possibly something else, but no one really knows for sure. People can steal each other’s nukes from their FOB to help reach the goal. If you own a nuclear weapon, you can also choose to disarm it yourself. For more information on the official requirements for the event, go here.

As always you’ll be able to find the latest numbers in the sidebar as well.

Source: Metal Gear Official Twitter, Metal Gear Official Japanese Twitter

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