Konami encourages players to send evidence of FOB exploits, taking feedback on nuke tab issues

Recently Konami responded to some fan concerns regarding the disarmament event in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Despite giving out regular updates and taking measures against cheating, many people still feel that the system is broken and disarmament is practically impossible to achieve due to various exploits nuke holders use.

The most common complaint is that of the nuclear equipped targets option, or ‘nuke tab’, the tab in the menus that allows you to find other players that own a nuclear weapon. Often this tab stays empty despite there being nukes out there, because of blockades used by the nuke owners, and because of this disarming them is not possible.

Konami Online & Social Products Manager Benjamin Kinney responded to some of these concerns through the Metal Gear Solid reddit page, saying that they are actively looking into these issues.

First, Benjamin encouraged players to send in any evidence of cheats or exploits (for clarification, ‘J’ is the new community manager in Japan):

Hi! Keep an eye on the metalgear_jp twitter account, J-san is leading that effort. Feel free to send him or myself evidence of exploits or cheats https://twitter.com/metalgear_jp (don’t do it yourself, just if you have screens or VoDs others post) Thanks! Looking forward to Peace Day!

It’s also possible to report using the official report tool, which according to Benjamin will get reviewed more efficiently than the social channels.

On the nuke tab he had this to say:

There are a lot of variable that go into the tab. We have taken a lot of feedback on that nuke tab and J-san is still reviewing the process for sure.

As pointed out to him, one of the exploits people use is to have a friend renew their blockade so neither needs to have their base open to attack. Apparently this is a technique many nuke holders use. Benjamin responded that they have taken note of this exploit.

It remains to be seen what further measures will be taken and how much effect they will have, but at least Konami is taking note and reviewing the feedback, as well as encouraging players to send in evidence of any exploits.

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