Fans are organizing a Metal Gear 30th Anniversary Event

Update: Here are some photos of the event.

Original story:

Metal Gear turned 30 this year, and a group of fans from France have taken it upon themselves to organize their own event celebrating the series’ three decade anniversary. The event will take place in the Pixel Museum in Schiltigheim, France, on October 28th. It is being supported by Konami France and the Pixel Museum, among others. To finance the whole thing the team is holding a crowdfunding campaign as well.

The event is described as follows:

This event ”Metal Gear 30th Anniversary” is a fan-made event, made by fans and for the fans.
Its goal is to celebrate 30 years of one of the biggest video game franchise ever created, Metal Gear, which first game was released in September 1987 in Europe, as the result of the teamwork between Konami and visionnary Hideo Kojima.
This project, brought by Legacy, is very ambitious, but if everything goes well, we promise you something unique you’ll always remember.

This event will be about 3 majors plots, and is also unique.


Considered by the fans as ended, the saga will be exposed from its very beginning till what it became now.
So, through artworks, free-access games, fans will be able to commemorate all TOGETHER what bring us all here. This is the Metal Gear community.


For sure, who says unique event, says also unique guests. We’ll do everything we can to ensure fans meeting people who made the saga possible, some directly involved in the creation proccess, some others who worked on their own about the games with passion. So, as we are also fans ourselves, we can understand what the community is expecting.


So, even if we admit that the saga is ended in its history frame and its creator now fly with his own wings, the best is yet to come. On one side, Konami, actual owner of the franchise, tries something tricky with Metal Gear Survive, their coop vision of Metal Gear Solid. On the other side, Hideo Kojima, fulfill his dream, with the creation of Death Stranding, which is fervently awaited by the gaming community. The values of this event stand on these 3 plots, in which we will add some extra activities, such as a photocall, also a raffle, which benefits will go to the artists.
You must know that we really want to create something special, make this day unique, marking the end of an era, and the begining of new ones.

Saturday, October 28th 2017
Pixel Museum
14, rue de Lattre de Tassigny, 67300 Schiltigheim
Organized by Legacy & Pixel Museum

Source: Press release

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