Ludens action figures can now be pre-ordered

Website Forbidden Planet has added three more items to their Kojima Productions merchandise line-up, three different statues of Ludens, the company mascot. These items, first revealed at San Diego Comic Con in 2016, are a figure by Figma, a Nendoroid version and a Deluxe 1/6 scale statue.

Ludens Action Figure by Figma

Kojima Productions, the company founded by the game creator Hideo Kojima, releases its mascot Ludens as a figma!The smooth yet posable figma joints allow you to act out a variety of different scenes. A flexible plastic is used in specific areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising posability

The Ludens Figma Figure includes:

  • A spear flag with the Kojima Productions logo on it
  • The black flag seen in the teaser as well as the clear blue type seen in the Homo Ludens movie
  • A set of closed fists, open hands and holding hand parts
  • A booklet with the original line art of Ludens as drawn by the Art Director Yoji Shinkawa
  • An articulated figma stand, allowing a variety of poses.

Ludens Jumbo Figure by Nendoroid

Ludens, the company icon of Kojima Productions, will be released as a Nendoroid Jumbo!

First revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2016, this will be Ludens with a Nendoroid twist. Based on the prototype seen there, the paint has been adjusted as well as new markings added to the body to recreate the look of the character.

The Jumbo Ludens figure comes in at over 20cm, which combined with the thick round shape of the Nendoroid will make it seem even larger.

Ludens Deluxe 1/6 scale Action Figure

Ludens, the Kojima Productions company icon, gets its own 1/6 scale action figure!

Using an inner frame designed specifically for this product, Ludens comes with 46 points of articulation, including click joints with a high range of motion, allowing it to be placed in various action poses.

The EVA (extra-vehicular activity) Creative Suit is recreated using ABS,PVC and real cloth. Comes with built-in light-up functions and moving eyes, and detailed paint to form a high quality 1/6 scale action figure.

Also included:

  • A special edition beam flag, only available in this set.
  • A special post card

All items will release on July 2nd of 2018, and are shipped worldwide.

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Source: Forbidden Planet

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