We may see Death Stranding ‘dog tags’ merchandise

Kojima has shared some images of a titanium replica representing the dog tag like item Norman Reedus’ character is wearing in the first Death Stranding trailer. The plates are inscribed with the Schwarzschild radius equation from the field of astrophysics. The¬†Schwarzschild radius equation (R g = 2GM/c 2¬†) is related to black holes, a phenomenon that is theorized to play a role in the game.

“The “thing” that Norman is wearing in DEATH STRANDING has been created based from CGI model data, material is titanium. This is still sample, checking to see whether to merchandise.” – Hideo Kojima

It seems like Kojima is also considering selling this replica as a piece of merchandise, though according to the game designer, this is still a sample. Below are some images of Norman Reedus’ character wearing these items around his neck, along with other equations.

Update 24/11: It seems like Kojima decided to go with a different material instead because of the price.

“Planning to make the necklace that Norman Reedus in DEATH STRANDING is wearing as one of the marchandise. We tested with titanium but it turned out to be bit expensive, so we changed the material ultra duralumin(A7075). This is good. Solid and economical. Will go this way.”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, 2

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