Kojima talks about Death Stranding at PSX 2017, underwater section from the trailer is playable

During the PlayStation Experience 2017 Opening Celebration, Hideo Kojima was welcomed on stage to talk about Death Stranding and his working relationship with Sony and Andrew House. Kojima was wearing a replica of the antenna dish seen in the latest trailer, as well as the necklace with dog tags from the first trailer.

We didn’t get much in terms of new information on the game, although we did learn that the underwater section seen in the latest Death Stranding trailer is actually playable, and Kojima described it as the protagonist Sam ‘going to his own body’. All the footage in the trailer is running in real time on the PlayStation 4 Pro. Mark Cerny also ensured that after 4 or 5 hours of gameplay, everything you’ve seen in the trailer (which at the moment seems very puzzling) will start to make sense.

Other than that there was’t a whole lot new stuff said. Kojima explained how he acquired the Decima Engine code from Guerrilla Games without them requiring him to sign any sort of legal document, something that almost brought him to tears. Also, when pitching his idea to Andrew House after becoming an independent studio, he just spoke for a few minutes, and got the go ahead, se he is pleased to be able to have this level of freedom to do what he wants.

To watch the entire discussion, check out the video in the source section below.

Source: PlayStation Experience 2017 Opening Celebration

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