Konami details future update plans for Metal Gear Survive: new difficulty levels, mission types and more coming in March

Metal Gear Survive has been released, and Konami is planning to distribute SV Coins (used to make in game purchases much like MGSV’s MB Coins) as daily login bonuses. Starting February 23rd you will be able to receive 30 SV Coins a day. The coins can also be purchased through the store as microtransactions, but in this way players can obtain them for free.

METAL GEAR SURVIVE is now out! To celebrate the launch, we will distribute SV Coins everyday as a log-in bonus.

GMT 2018/2/23 8:00 to 2018/3/13 5:59
PST 2018/2/23 0:00 to 2018/3/13 22:59


*This bonus stacks up with the other daily bonuses you may receive.
*The daily bonuses are reset everyday at 08:00 (GMT) / 0:00 (PST)

Konami also laid out their plans for the immediate future in regards to content updates for the game. Aside from the aforementioned login bonuses (SV Coins), in March new difficulty levels will be added for daily and weekly missions, as well as new events, mission types and other options.

Information regarding future updates :

Launch Celebration Login Bonus (from Feb. 23rd)

Adding a new difficulty level for Daily Missions (Hard)
Adding a new difficulty level for Weekly Missions (Hard)
Adding a new type of mission in CO-OP
Adding a new event : CO-OP mission with the new rule.
Adding the possibility to change some of the in-game controls.
Changing the personal score calculation so it takes the digger acceleration into account.

*The detailed schedule for the release date and time for these updates will be announced later.
*Due to development schedule, the update schedule may slightly differ.
*We will continue to fix the balance and glitch continuously.

Update: some more details on upcoming missions.

Daily Missions: New missions will be released every day 17:00 JST
2/23 [Wrecked Base] NORMAL Battle Conditions : Hellfire (Flame element damage increases), Fortified (Damage inflicted on enemies decreases)
2/24 [Deserted Mine] NORMAL Battle Conditions : Lucky Devil (Critical hit percentage increases.) / Gunsmoke (Player firearm damage increases)
2/25 [Abandoned Airport] NORMAL Battle Conditions : Heavy Hitter (Damage inflicted by enemies increases.) / Sneak Attack (Damage inflicted by units increases)
2/26 [Forsaken Ruins] NORMAL Battle Conditions : Greatsword (Player two-handed weapon damage increases) / Famished (Hunger progression speed increases)
2/27 [Deserted Mine] NORMAL Battle Conditions : Juggernaut (Player heavy weapon damage increases), Ashes to Ashes (Equipment degrades more easily)

Weekly Mission
2/23 17:00 ~ 2/27 16:59(JST)
[Fallen Village] NORMAL Battle Conditions : Marksman Death (Damage inflicted by long-range attacks increases) / Death Blow (Damage inflicted on weak points increases.) / Fortified (Damage inflicted on enemies decreases)

New rule announcement: A big update is coming in March! A new co-op rule will be added.

Title: Rescue Mission

Cooperate and coordinate with your squad to go rescue soldiers seeking for help.
Compared to Salvage Missions, those missions will require a whole new level of cooperation and team spirit More information soon!
*The release date may change due to development schedule

Source: Metal Gear Official Website

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