New update for Metal Gear Survive is now available

Konami has released a new update for Metal Gear Survive, 1.04. It brings new co-op rescue missions and various options, as well as some bug fixes and game balancing. Below is a list of all the additions.

Update 1.04 for METAL GEAR SURVIVE has been deployed along with maintenance updates which includes:

NEW CO-OP Rescue Missions.
The objective of Rescue Missions is to evacuate Charon Corps survivors who have gone missing after failing a Salvage Mission. Make use of the terrain as well as your Interceptor and Defense units to secure a safe escape route, while thwarting hoards of enemies.

Rescue Mission Event:
“The Captive Ferrymen.” Play the event to earn standard CO-OP rewards (e.g., Kuban energy, resources, recipes), as well as Battle Points (BP) which will unlock other rewards as you accumulate more BP.

Other content updates:
– Added controller customization features
– Speeding up the digging of the Wormhole Digger will be reflected on personal score
– Added new plan to Base Camp Dig
– Added enhancement items for weapons and gears (Legendary)
– Bug fixes and game balance changes

*Please refer to the patch notes in game for further detail on the update.
*The deployment schedule may differ by region and/or platform.

The update has been released alongside 1.05, which improves the game’s stability.

Source: Metal Gear Official website

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