Mads Mikkelsen’s skills as a dancer helped him with his role in Death Stranding

In an interview with French website, Mads Mikkelsen briefly talked about working on Death Stranding. The interviewer asked him if he takes on the same approach when working on a music clip or video game, as when taking on a classical film role. Mads answered (translated from French):

“No, especially for the video game I worked on with Hideo Kojima. My past as a dancer has been beneficial to get into this character. I did ten years of ballet before being an actor and this experience allowed me to find the appropriate movements. It is a different exercise compared to cinema even if in the end we inject emotions to give life.”

Some may remember that the character Vamp in Metal Gear Solid 2 was also inspired by a dancer, and his movements during battle by those of ballet. However, Mads’ comments do not necessarily mean this character will actually perform dancing moves, the actor may simply have been able to lend a certain elegance to the character’s movements.

Death Stranding will be one of the focal points at PlayStation’s E3 showcase next month, so expect plenty of new information and footage then.

Source: Premiere, via

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