Kojima teasing Death Stranding E3 Trailer

Next month at the PlayStation showcase at E3 2018, Death Stranding will be one of the focus points, and we are getting a deep dive into the game. On Twitter, Hideo Kojima has started teasing for the event, sharing pictures of himself editing the game in his office.

“When I 1st used the digital edit machine 25 yrs ago, the uncompressed wasn’t affordable & took for hours just to wipe A to B role as temp render. Renting out the studio w/uncompressed edit machine & operator was the only choice. Today you can do real time edit 4K footage at home.”
“Unlike making games, the editing can be completed only by myself with no stress, and it is refreshing and enjoyable to proceed with my own pace and sense. Only con is that I have to get used to the new machine.”

“Editing in process, and I’m wearing this new PLANET OF THE APES hoodie that I newly received!”

“While I was trying to edit by installing 4K materials, my PC couldn’t operate smoothly enough due to horsepower shortage. No chance for linear editing. I shall edit with 2K for a while.”

“Working on E3 trailer. Today marks the day that Ian Curtis passed away.”

“Due to the technical issues, this time I’m having sunlight filtering through trees just outside of the “window” instead of biting an “apple” to do my editing.”
“Getting my bento box at the station, and back to my editing to switch the assets.”
“Deadline of the editing.”

The show will take place on June 11th 6pm PST.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter (1,2,3)

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