Metal Gear Solid 4 themed event coming to Metal Gear Survive

Following the MGS3 themed event, Metal Gear Survive is now getting a MGS4 themed event starting next week, on July 31st. The upcoming co-op event lets you unlock new MGS4 based accessories, gestures and nameplates to use in the game.

CO-OP Play Event “The Encounter 2014” Coming Soon!
“METAL GEAR SOLID 4: GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS” theme event is coming to “METAL GEAR SURVIVE” CO-OP Play on July 31th. Play the event to earn Battle Points (BP) and unlock items and gears!

2018/07/31 09:00 – 2018/08/14 05:59 (GMT)

Accessory Raiden
Accessory Haven Trooper
  • Gesture: “EYE HAVE YOU”
  • Nameplate Otselotovaya Khvatka
  • Nameplate OUTER HAVEN
  • Nameplate METAL GEAR REX [2014]

Source: Metal Gear Official Website

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