TGS 2018: new Death Stranding artwork and trailer featuring the Man in the Golden Mask, played by Troy Baker

Unexpectedly, a new trailer for Death Stranding has been unveiled during the Kojima Productions stage show at TGS 2018. The new footage introduces a new character, The Man in the Golden Mask, who is voiced by Troy Baker (Satoshi Mikami in the Japanese version). In the trailer, the man spawns a monstrous creature to fight Sam. He comes across as a villain, but according to Akio Otsuka (who is among the Japanese cast of the game) this isn’t necessarily the case. Kojima also mentioned the fact that he wears a mask under his golden mask is relevant.

A second new character has been revealed as well. This one is played by Tommie Earl Jenkins (Akio Otsuka in the Japanese version). His name is still a secret, and the reason he wears a mask will be revealed later, but he is Sam’s boss.

Some new character artwork was also shown, on which we can see the characters revealed so far, including the two new ones that were unveiled today.

During the panel, some more details on the characters and game were shared. Talking about the monster summoned by The Man in the Golden Mask, Kojima mentioned you can either fight him or run away. Speaking about Guillermo del Toro’s role in the game, he said that his is a funny character, and possibly the one with the most lines in the game, followed by Akio Otsuka’s. He also said there are more comedic characters that haven’t been unveiled yet.

Kojima reaffirmed that the game is still set for release in the year in which Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira takes place, meaning next year.

Source: Kojima Productions TGS 2018 stage show, via DualShockers, 2

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