Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game coming next year

A board game based on the original Metal Gear Solid from 1998 is coming out next year, Konami and IDW Games have announced. Titled Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game, it has been designed by Emerson Matsuuchi, and lets players take on the roles of several characters from the PlayStation classic, like Solid Snake, Meryl or Otacon. The official announcement reads:

IDW Games and Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. announced today that they have partnered to bring Metal Gear Solid to the tabletop with Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game.

Designed by Emerson Matsuuchi (designer of the Century game series, Reef, and Specter Ops)Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game is a fully cooperative, miniatures board game. Following the story of the first Metal Gear Solid video game, players take on the roles of Solid Snake, Meryl Silverburgh, Dr. Hal “Otacon” Emmerich, and Gray Fox the Cyborg Ninja. They’ll need to use their unique skill sets to avoid detection as they complete objectives across multiple campaign scenarios. Featuring a highly dynamic A.I. system and sandbox gameplay, missions can be completed in multiple ways and will always play out differently.

Those interested can check out the game at the Origins Game Fair, Dice Tower Con, San Diego Comic Con, and Gen Con next summer, while gaming media will be able to try it out next E3.

Source: IDW Games

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