Kojima shooting with Norman Reedus in New York, and another former Konami employee joins Kojima Productions

This week, a team from Kojima Productions flew to New York to shoot Death Stranding material with Norman Reedus. Among them was Aki Saito, a new member of Kojima Productions who worked with Kojima on various Metal Gear games during their time at Konami. Now he’s Head of Marketing & Communications at Kojima Productions.

“I’m on board Kojima Productions! Starting in NY!’ – Aki Saito Twitter

“Aki is on board with us” – Hideo Kojima Twitter

“Coming to the studio straight from JFK airport!” – Ayako Twitter

After work, Kojima and co took the opportunity to visit the Nintendo World Store, where they transformed into the Mario Brothers.

“Hideo Kojima & Aki tonight.“ – Ayako Twitter

Shooting continued the next day.

A third day of shooting followed, and Saito seems to be impressed with what he has seen so far.

“Good morning! My 3rd day joining Kojima Productions, and the past 2 days is like…Oh My God….the game is…is…nothing I thought it was!” – Aki Saito Twitter“Yeah, I know…need to bulk up…” – Aki Saito Twitter“Ready to shoot, guys?” – Ayako Twitter

On December 13th, a fourth day of shooting took place.

“Short interview with Norman! He says the game is “Mind blowing, Epic, The Future, and Incredible.”” – Aki Saito Twitter“We are done for today’s session. I got the same Red 3D camera Hydrogen smartphone. Thanks Norman! Thanks Hydrogen!” – Hideo Kojima Twitter

“Bakauke at the studio.” – Hideo Kojima Twitter

“Norman was really generous, professional, and gave us a lot of ideas and effort!” – Aki Saito Twitter

Aki also promised to tweet more ‘game things’ as well, but we’ll have to wait until he is back in the office in Japan for that.

Source: Aki Saito Twitter, Ayako Twitter, Hideo Kojima Twitter

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