Death Stranding recording session photos reveal some lines from the script

Voice recording for the Japanese dub of Death Stranding is still ongoing, and Kojima held another session with actors Akio Otsuka, Kenjiro Tsuda (Sam) and Akihiko Ishizumi (Guillermo del Toro’s character).

On one of the pictures he shared we can see a piece of paper with some lines on it, of what sound like warnings told to Sam over the radio (although this is just speculation).

This is what we can make out from the photo:

– “Chiralium density in the area is climbing rapidly!”

– “Heavy timefall is imminent! Get back here, now!”

– “Sam, burn the other cargo while you’re [CUT OFF]”

In the E3 2018 trailer we can hear Sam communicate with someone over a radio, and the contact warns him that his actions will have lasting consequences to the surroundings. These new lines could be of a similar nature.

Head of Marketing & Communications at Kojima Productions Aki Saito shared some pictures as well.

“Gearing up before the JPN recording session. Looking at the scripts over and over, direct the recording, and check again.” – Aki Saito

“KJP’s break area. Used for taking breaks and quick meetings.” – Aki Saito

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Aki Saito Twitter (1,2)

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