Someone is remaking Metal Gear Solid in Dreams

Dreams is an upcoming PlayStation 4 game by Media Molecule (known for Little Big Planet) that lets you basically create anything you want. The game is now in beta and people have been tinkering with its tools. One of those projects is a remake of the original Metal Gear Solid game by someone who goes by the name Bearly Regal on Youtube.

The game is being made to look exactly like the original PlayStation game, including blocky character models and pixelated faces (the Snake you see in the video is a placeholder and was made by somebody else). Right now the first area of the game (the docks) looks pretty much finished, although there aren’t any guards yet. The game looks very true to the original, including the camera work and the assets.

In the video, the creator explains what he has been working on, what his goals are, and he also asks for help with the project by other people who might be interested in giving him a hand.

The project has been picked up by the games media and reported on by several websites, but the biggest stamp of approval comes from its original creator itself, in the form of a retweet and thumbs up by Hideo Kojima.

Source: Bearly Regal Youtube

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