Kojima elaborates on Death Stranding’s themes and scale

On Twitter, Kojima provided some additional commentary on the Death Stranding trailer revealed earlier this week, explaining the game’s themes and scale, and elaborating on some of the scenes seen in the trailer.

“Death Stranding is not a stealth game. It is brand new action game with the concept of connection (strand). I call it Social Strand System, or simply Strand Game.”

“The 1st tool the man invented was a stick to push away the bad ones, the next tool was a rope so as said. In the video game history, we could only jump to move oneself up/down and the 1st tool used was a ladder and then a rope next so as said.”

“The handprint (palm) is an important icon in DS. When you open the palm you can hold the hand of other. When you close, it changes to fist that can exclude others. Both are inseparable. The palm can be compared to stick & rope.”

“In the new Death Stranding trailer, there’s a scene Sam sets up the rope. The snow mountain is not the set, the path exists and you can actually go climb up the mountain. The snow mountain appears in the beginning of the trailer is exactly what it is.”

“Unfortunately, there is an “edge” to an area.”

Just like in Kojima’s earlier games, the clothing and equipment the main character is wearing will show up in cutscenes as well.

“Cap and sunglasses can be worn at anytime you want as an equipment in the game. Like my other games, all the cutscenes are played in real-time rendering so if you’re wearing sunglasses in the game play, it will carry on to the cutscene except otherwise it’s too inappropriate.”

“Cliff played by Mads in the new DS trailer is a heavy smoker. When I first wrote the script, Cliff wasn’t a smoker but I changed his character setting after seeing him smoke during the break of filming.”

Kojima also confirmed that the Japanese version of Death Stranding will have both English and Japanese language options. Speaking of the Japanese dub, some new actors have been revealed in the latest trailer: Kazuhiro Yamaji is playing the role of Cliff, Houchu Ohtsuka is playing Heartman and Maaya Sakamoto takes on the role of Mama.

Death Stranding will be available for PlayStation 4 on November 8 of 2019. Go here for an overview of the different versions that are available.

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