Death Stranding will have various difficulty settings, including a very easy mode

Death Stranding will have a very easy mode for those who just want to enjoy the story. It will of course also have normal and hard difficulty settings for action game fans.

Ayako Terashima, Kojima’s personal assistant, wrote on Twitter: “Finished DS test play. It took a month as I was playing while doing daily work since 8/6. As being a beginner I picked Very Easy Mode. According to my boss, this mode is for ppl who usually don’t play game, movie fans or RPG fans. Normal or Hard Mode is for action game fans.”

Ayako Terashima checking Death Stranding

Kojima added: “Normally there’s only Easy Mode, but we added Very Easy Mode for movie fans since we have real actors like Norman, Mads, Lea starred in. Even Yano-san who never completed the 1st stage of PAC-MAN, was able to complete the game on Very Easy Mode.”

Kenji Yano checking Death Stranding

Speaking of the game’s settings, Kojima also explained the Japanese version will have both Japanese and English voice over options, as well as English and Japanese subtitles.

“DS JPN version has JPN/ENG voice over. You can set up/change at Title Screen and you can save the data by loading. There’s also ENG/JPN subtitles so that foreigner living in Japan can also play the JPN ver. Difficulty setting can be done anytime but it begins from the save point.”

He also shared a photo of what could possibly be the game’s title screen.

Death Stranding will be shown at Tokyo Game Show 2019 next month. Kojima Productions confirmed there will be stage demos with 50 minutes (September 12) and 30 minutes (September 15) of content. Hideo Kojima, as well as members of the Japanese voice cast will be present.

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