Limited Edition Death Stranding PS4 Pro bundle announced

During the third episode of PlayStation’s State of Play, a limited edition Death Stranding PlayStation 4 Pro bundle was announced. The 1TB system will release on the same day as the game, November 8, and it comes with its own translucent controller based on the Bridge Baby pod. A physical copy of the game is also included.

PlayStation Blog writes:
Inspired by the game, this new Limited Edition PS4 Pro features a white matte finish, with two BT handprints that form the shapes of the world’s continents. Sure to bring an otherworldly feel to your home entertainment setup, the bundle also includes an orange translucent DualShock 4 wireless controller that is the same color as the game’s BB Pod. Throughout the game, you can gently rock the controller to emulate holding the BB pod in your own hands.

Using PS4 Pro, 4K TV owners can enjoy an enhanced Death Stranding experience with dynamic 4K resolution achieved through 4K checkerboard, while HD TV owners will benefit from increased image clarity through supersampling. Players with HDR displays can also experience the game in high dynamic range color, which provides a brighter and wider range of color detail for a more vibrant image overall.

The bundle is available at several retailers, such as GameStop and Amazon.

Kojima has shared some photos as well. He wrote:

“PlayStation®4 Pro DEATH STRANDING LIMITED EDITION has been announced! All the detailed design, the quality and the package design has been supervised by Yoji Shinkawa and myself. You may find the world map in the handprint on the console. And the BB POD inspired image Controller.”

The bundle will be available on November 8 for $399.99 and $499.99 Canadian.

Source: State of Play, PlayStation Blog, ResetEra

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