Norman Reedus talks about PT, Silent Hills and Death Stranding

In an interview with website The Hollywood Reporter, Norman Reedus talked about working with Kojima on Death Stranding, PT and the cancelled Silent Hills project.

After Kojima left Konami and the Silent Hills project was scrapped, he approached Norman Reedus again to work with him on his new game.

“I was more excited about that, to be honest, because Hideo came down to San Diego Comic-Con and had an iPad and was showing me some of the graphics he was working on which were just mindblowing. I knew it was going to be a home run right from the get-go.”

Norman described what it was like working with Kojima:

“He would have a plastic baby doll on the ground and want me to cradle it and act like it’s dead. Then act like it’s alive. Then freak out because there’s handprints everywhere. You stand up and he goes, imagine there’s a thousand dead whales in front of you, and you’re like, ‘What?!’ His mind is on another level. He’s a genius’ genius.”

Norman Reedus has never played PT himself, but he knows from his friends who are gamers that it became a cult hit, and that PS4 consoles with the game installed are now worth some money, since the game has been removed from the online store and is no longer available.

Norman said that Death Stranding is completely different from Silent Hills, and at first he was bummed that the latter project was cancelled, until he was introduced to the new game he was going to be working on.

“I was like thank God that didn’t work because this is way better. This is a completely different thing.” […] “I like the fact that Silent Hills didn’t happen, to be honest, because I’ve gotten such a peek into the way he works and the way he thinks and I’m completely blown away by this guy.”

Talking a bit about Death Stranding, Norman said:

“As I got to play in it and do these little things, I understood what Hideo is going for. The human interaction you have with this character and you meet other people who are having the same interactions and you are building something instead of breaking something down — there’s elements of horror in there, elements of action and adventure, but there’s also an element of connection.”

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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