Fan-made Hideo Kojima tribute book will get a second chapter

A few years ago, Metal Gear and Kojima fan Tarak Chami self-pusblished a book paying tribute to Metal Gear and its creator. The book, titled A Hideo Kojima Book: From Mother Base with Love, contained fan art by several talented artists, cosplayers, a look at the various Metal Gear communities around the world (including this one!) and some words by people involved in the series.

Now a few years have passed, and Kojima released his latest, and first project as an independent creator. Tarak is currently working on a follow up of the book, focussing on Death Stranding and the passionate community that surrounds it. The book will be called A Hideo Kojima Book Chapter 2: Tomorrow is in your hands, and Tarak kindly provided us with some sample pages.

Index: @HoggysArt
Landscape: @VenomWalter_art
Title Page: @NikolaCizmesija
Artwork exemple: @momo_kishi
Cosplayer: @Frostylva

Tarak writes:

More than 3 years later I’m ready to write the second chapter of this amazing project.

– The actor Darren Jacobs (Heartman in Death Stranding)
– The actor Tommie Earl Jenkins (Die-Hardman in Death Stranding)
– Julien Chi├Ęze, a famous journalist from France
– Sullivan Rouaud from HiComics who got the rights to publish the official Artbook of Death Stranding
– Steffan Powell, journalist from the BBC
– Jack Attridge from FlavourWorks (Erica on PS4)
– Mathieu Turi, a French film director (Hostile, Meandre)
– Jan Bart Van Beek & Mathijs De Jong from Guerrilla Games 
– Akira Yamaoka (OST Silent Hill)

More than 50 Artists
20 Cosplayers

There will be a special chapter for Yoji Shinkawa and a lot of surprises.

Tarak is aiming for the book to be finished by the end of the year. As with the previous book, we will be contributing as well.

Update August 14th: The foreword for the book has been released, and is now available to read.

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