Death Stranding soundtrack CDs releasing March 20th

Death Stranding Original Score and Songs from the Video Game soundtrack CDs will be released on March 20th, Kojima Productions has announced via Twitter. The first contains the original tracks composed by Ludvig Forssell, while the other features the songs from various musicians including Low Roar and Silent Poets, which are used throughout the game.

Death Stranding Original Score (commissions earned)

Track List
Disc 1
– Once, there was an explosion
– Alone, we have no future
– Bridges
– Soulless Meat Puppet
– Beached Things
– Chiral Carcass Culling
– The Face of Our New Hope
– John
– An Endless Beach
– Heartman
– The Severed Bond
– Claws of the Dead
– Fragile
– Stick vs Rope
– A Final Waltz
Disc 2
– Strands
– Lou
– BB’s Theme (Feat. Jenny Plant)
– Flower of Fingers
– Cargo High
– Demens
– Decentralized by Nature
– Mules
– Porter Syndrome
– Chiralium
– Spatial Awareness
– Stepping Stones
– Frozen Space
– The Timefall

Death Stranding: Songs from the Video Game (commissions earned)

Track List
Disc 1
– Don’t Be So Serious (Low Roar)
– Bones (Low Roar feat. Jofridur)
– Easy Way Out (Low Roar)
– Ponzan (Low Roar)
– Asylums for the Feeling (Silent Poets feat. Leila Adu)
– Once in a Long, Long While (Low Roar)
– St. Eriksplan (Low Roar)
– Death Stranding (CHVRCHES)
– Please Don’t Stop Chapter 1 (Low Roar)
– Because We Have To (Low Roar)
– Waiting (10 Years) (Low Roar)
Disc 2
– Almost Nothing (Silent Poets feat. Okay Kaya)
– Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (Low Roar)
– Nobody Else (Low Roar)
– The Machine (Low Roar)
– Anything You Need (Low Roar)
– Give Up (Low Roar)
– Patience (Low Roar)
– Path (Apocalyptica)
– Not Around (Low Roar)
– I’m Leaving (Low Roar)
– I’ll Keep Coming (Low Roar)

Kojima shared some more pictures of both CDs via Twitter:

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Source: Kojima Productions Twitter

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