Metal Gear Solid movie director Jordan Vogt-Roberts is sharing concept art again [updated June 22]

Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of the Metal Gear Solid movie, is once again sharing daily Metal Gear concept art on Twitter. Two years ago, in honor if the series’ 31st anniversary, Jordan published an artwork every day for a month, and now he has started doing it once more under the hashtag #MGSQUARANTINE. A CODEC video by Metal Gear voice actors David Hayter (Snake), Paul Eiding (Roy Campbell) and Christoper Randolph (Otacon) explains it further.

Day 1

The first artwork shows the intimidating Metal Gear REX from the original Metal Gear Solid.

“DAY 1 of #MGSQUARANTINE This gem was done by my friends at Form Language Studio. It’s the type of image I would’ve dreamed of having as my desktop wallpaper as a kid. I think the towering and insurmountable nature of REX speaks to the dread we’re collect”

Day 2

Day 3

Another iconic @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN moment brought to life in collaboration with the masters at @ILMVFX. This gorgeous piece was done by another KONG alum, Stephen Todd. It perfectly captures the absurd heights we must rise to in the face of impending doom.

Day 4

Another desktop-worthy piece by the great @c780162. I always loved how the Metal Gear Solid games felt enormous, yet intimate. As the world descends into chaos, a climactic scene could zoom into the macro of two people locked in a brutal fist fight.

Day 5

The weekend is over, which means it’s DAY 5 of #MGSQUARATINE by the great @eddiedelrio_art. I was born on battlefield fighting for for the METAL GEAR SOLID movie to be made properly. And I’ll die on that battlefield. I am one with GRAY FOX / FRANK JAEGER / NULL / CYBORG NINJA.

Day 6

My brother in arms @Kilo_Three
made this piece that was part of our daily ritual of me waking up to emails of his amazing artwork. We dubbed this time “MECHS IN THE MORNING”. It’s a daily routine I suggest everyone partake in. Gets the blood flowing.

Day 7

Honored @ILMVFX & @AmcbToraidhe contributed this frame-worthy piece of two opposing icons. “Ravens aren’t scavengers like most people think. They’re simply returning to the natural world that, which is no longer needed” Who’s your ideal Vulcan Raven?

Day 8

Another piece from @ILMVFX and @AmcbToraidhe. Just an old killer hired to do some wet work.

Day 9

A diptych by the incomparable @NEISBEIS
“Whoever wins, our battle does not end. The loser is free from the battlefield, but the winner must remain there and the survivor must live his life as the warrior until he dies”

Day 10

I still pinch myself that @ILMVFX got their hands dirty to explore the visual language of METAL GEAR SOLID with me. The roster of talent I’ve had contribute to this project is staggering. Brett Northcuttand created this epic remix of two icons at war.

Day 11

@Kilo_Three created this wonderful mood piece. He brings such a sense of texture, realism, and place to the world of METAL GEAR SOLID. There’s an everyday, quality to @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN’s otherwise larger than life imagery.

Day 12

The master @BenMauro993 created this image of my spirit animal – Cyborg Ninja. I love working with Ben, we discovered we grew up in the same area so we experienced the brilliance of MGS simultaneously, but mere miles away.

Day 13

The teenage love of my life. Instead of accomplishment – Sniper Wolf represent the unique & unexpected emotional remorse players felt after killing a major “villain” in a video game. The movie needs this same sense of trajedy. Art by James Harvey.

Day 14

The dysfunctional family via @c780162. I love how each character is a walking, talking, ideology that never had a chance at normal life. When I first played METAL GEAR SOLID, the idea of FOXHOUND being Snake’s former unit sent my brain into overdrive.

Day 15

Out of respect to the events in the world I’ve temporarily paused posting new artwork. I will return when it feels more appropriate. But, yesterday was Fathers Day and I cant resist showing @ELIANT_ELIAS’s paternal lineage via MGS from Father to Son.

Source: Jordan Vogt-Roberts Twitter

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