Solid Snake Life-Size bust statue in the making by First 4 Figures

Following Solid Snake, Solid Snake SD and Psycho Mantis, the next statue in the Metal Gear Solid line by First 4 Figures will be a Solid Snake bust. It will be available in Life-Size format as well as ‘Grand-Scale’, which is a bit smaller but more affordable.

More information is to follow soon, but for now First 4 Figures has provided a high-res render which gives an idea of what the statue will look like.

On their official website, First 4 Figures writes:

“It has been a while since we revealed or launched anything from Konami’s critically-acclaimed franchise, Metal Gear Solid; we’d like to change that. What started as a concept nearly three years ago is now slowly breathing life. After much development behind the scenes, here’s a first official look at the 3D render of our Metal Gear Solid – Solid Snake Life-Size and Grand-Scale Bust statues!

This Metal Gear Solid offering will be a first for the series. As mentioned, there will be two variations of this resin statue, a life-size one and a grand-scale one, which, if you didn’t know, is smaller in size than the former but at a more affordable price point. First 4 Figures CEO Alex Davis also asked our community if the back of the bust should have the Foxhound or the Outer Heaven logo, but who can say for certain what the final design will look like this early on. All we know is that Metal Gear Solid fans are very passionate about this license, and we’ll be sure not to disappoint.”

Source: First 4 Figures

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