Metal Gear Solid The Board Game now slated for release in 2021

The Metal Gear Solid board game by IDW Games has gotten another delay – now it’s set for release in the summer of 2021. This was done to further improve the game, as explained in an email sent by the publisher to Metal Gear Informer.

To our Metal Gear community,

We know that this update has been long-awaited. In the fall of 2019, we made the hard decision to delay the release of MGS to this year in order to refine the design and give you, the players, the best experience possible. Today, we’ve made the even more difficult decision to delay the game once more to the summer of 2021. Our mission is to have you all enjoying this breakthrough system before Gencon — whether we can gather to celebrate in-person or remain virtually connected.

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The big question you probably have right now is “why?”. The answer is simple. We will not compromise our standards for the quality of game our community deserves. We are steadfastly committed to working with acclaimed designer Emerson Matsuuchi to bring his vision for this title to life on the tabletop no matter how much time it takes. Before you start to worry about the possibility of another delay, we are pleased to share that the game is entering its final round of playtesting this week!

As many of you know from our interactions on social media and email, we’ve held off on this update until all of the details contained herein are 100% certain. With that in mind, we’d like to share our path moving forward. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing more details about MGS — including gameplay coverage, components, and missions. This December, we’ll be sharing a special holiday gift with all of our backers — a set of tutorial and playable missions to get you up to speed before your box arrives. In March, you’ll receive an invite to try out the game virtually on both Tabletop Simulator and Tabletopia.

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We know that you’ve been waiting patiently for this game for quite some time. Along with the content discussed above, we’ll also be locking in your price point as current backers. After additional development work, we’ve determined that moving forward, the game will be $125. So, you’ll be saving $16 for your early support! We have not charged cards yet and don’t plan on doing so until March. We will keep everyone updated as we approach the closing date. 

Finally, we know that you probably have more questions for both Emerson and our team. That’s why we’ve set up this Q&A thread on BoardGameGeek. Whatever you want to know about the game, we’ll have you covered — and this line of communication will remain open from now until fulfillment. Thank you for taking the time to read this update. We greatly appreciate your support and patience throughout this process and can’t wait to hear tales of your missions next summer. 

See you on the battlefield,
IDW Games

For more information on the game you can visit this article, but keep in mind that some of the details may be outdated, as the game has seen some changes since then.

Source: Email by IDW Games

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