PT not playable on PS5 due to ‘publisher decision’

The PlayStation 5 is about to release later this month, and the system will be backwards compatible with almost all PS4 titles. But there are some exceptions, and one of those seems to be the playable teaser for the cancelled Silent Hills game, commonly known as PT.

According to website Polygon, PT did actually work on the PlayStation 5, as writer Michael McWhertor tested the game through backwards compatibility and found no issues. Even save data was carried over. This happened at the end of October, when he received his review copy of the console. However, since that time PT has received the label ‘Playable on PS4’, meant for games that can’t be played on PS5. He was also no longer able to transfer PT from his PS4 to the PS5.

After reaching out for comment, a Sony spokesperson told Polygon that this change was a ‘publisher decision’, in other words, Konami decided against making the game playable on PlayStation 5. It is perhaps unsurprising but still disappointing news, as this means another blow to the preservation of this beloved and influential playable teaser.

Source: Polygon

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