New Rising Details Revealed – Zan Datsu, CODEC, Enemy behaviour

In their latest podcast, staff members of Kojima Productions have revealed some new details about Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.

Some of the info comes from the latest Famitsu magazine, whereas others are responses to questions sent in by listeners.

  • The disparity between the Raiden of MGS4’s ending and Metal Gear Rising’s Raiden will be explained.
  • There is a new Zan Datsu system, which has been rebalanced and tweaked, and made more fast paced and dynamic to match the action gameplay.
  • In this game you are not hiding from the enemies, but they are hiding from you, and they will try to ambush you.
  • The game will have CODEC conversations, probably even more than MGS4 did.
  • You will still be able to cut almost everything.
  • There are two ways to approach enemies: you can cut very quickly, or cut more strategically, aiming for specific parts.

Source: The Kojima Productions Report (Hideoblog)

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