Kojima talks about gimmicks and surprises in his games

In a series of tweets, Kojima discusses some of the ‘gimmicks and surprises’ he incorporated (or planned to incorporate) into his past games, including Snatcher and the Metal Gear Solid series. Some of them were never implemented due to various reasons, but many have made for some of the more memorable moments of his games, such as the Psycho Mantis fourth wall break using the PlayStation controller and the ‘boss fight’ against The Sorrow.

We never satisfied with the capacity of the media, even when the media changed and became larger. The PC-88 version of “Snatcher” came with 5 floppy disks. You had to replace them every time you moved from one place to another. But that’s where the trick came in.

I don’t think people know what floppy disks are anymore. Here’s the one that became the album jacket for New Order’s Blue Monday.

I wanted to plant gimmicks and surprises in the game even when replacing the disc. This is the story (it wasn’t implemented) I told you some time ago. Going to a murder scene in “Snatcher”. Floppy disks get hot from the heat inside the PC. So I printed a dying message on the surface of the disk using paint that changes color with heat (mixed with iron). When you smell blood and pull out the disk, you see the message.

MGS1. A boss battle on the roof top of a tower building, the player searches for the direction of the rotor sound in stereo in order to locate Hind D. But when the player is playing in mono, the colonel complains.

Before the Death Stranding, the weapon of choice was the “Doraemon” pocket. I could carry as much as I wanted. Even there, I incorporated a variety of devices. Items that changed in the item field depending on temperature, time, and circumstances.

Frozen rations. Fish that rots not only during play, but also outside of play (left unattended). Shape memory alloys that change with temperature. Eggs of some kind that hatch. And so on.

I also used the controller in various ways. Mantis, of course. And Naomi gives a vibrating massage when the player gets sore muscles from Ocelot’s torture. I had to check with Sony to get their approval for this. ha ha.

At the factory ruins in “Snatcher” the player is asked that “I hear something, please turn up the volume”. I remember I got complaints from people who were playing it secretly in the middle of the night.

And… in the battle of Sorrow, the soldiers you killed (as they remember how and how many you killed them) come out as ghosts.

When you take a camera shot in Shadow Moses, you get a ghost photo. This unexpectedly got into a magazine called “Friday Weekly” (Japanese weekly magazine) as a “game that the ghost really comes out”.

During MGS Integral, as the Pocket Station was released, I put some kind of “Foxdie” in it, but I don’t think anyone noticed.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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