Platinum Games celebrates Metal Gear Rising’s 10th anniversary

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance was released 10 years ago in Japan today, on February 21st, 2013. Developer Platinum Games has updated their official website with an article celebrating the anniversary.

“Ten years after the game’s release, my most recent memory of anything to do with the game is seeing Armstrong and Sam appear in so many memes globally!”, writes director Kenji Saito. “It feels unreal that MGR:R is still a topic of conversation a whole decade later. This recognition of the game has also led to an increase in player count over the years and we’re also seeing heaps of players continue to stream the game online to this day. This is truly moving stuff.”

Saito’s words are followed by some 10th anniversary artworks created by various artists, some of the works accompanied by a comment.

Tomoko Nishii (PlatinumGames)

“It’s been a while since I drew so many mechs. The designs for these are simply amazing!”

Kenichirou Yoshimura

Kana Yamamoto (PlatinumGames)

“I still love the Monsoon battle track after a decade. I blasted this at full volume while I drew the art!”

Akiteru Naka (PlatinumGames)

“I refined the sketches that I drew when we were developing the game. I made Mistral appear both cute and sexy, and I drew heaps of Dwarf Gekkos since these are my favorite critters in the game.”

Jun Seung Jin (PlatinumGames)

“10 Senators for 10 years! Happy Birthday!”

Ryoko Konami (PlatinumGames)

“All I can say is… I ♡ Raiden! La-li-lu-le-lo!”

Yuya Inoue (PlatinumGames)

“I tried to express the ferocity that lies under Raiden’s dignified persona.”

The article concludes with a special message by composer Jamie Christopherson. “I am pleasantly surprised that the game and soundtrack have kept their relevance and continued to be admired and played by fans across the world.”, he writes. “Personally, I have found great delight in seeing all of the fun memes, reaction videos and cover versions of the songs that we did for the game. To know that the music and game have brought so many people joy means a lot to me.”

To see the full article, head over to the official Platinum Games website.

Source: Platinum Games official website

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