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Metal Gear Countdown: Top 5 Fight Scenes

The Metal Gear series is known for many things, one of them being fight scenes. Those can stand out for a number of reasons, ranging from great choreography and camerawork to importance to the story and symbolic nature. Below are the five fight scenes, and an explanation why each was chosen.

Nr 5

Gray Fox vs REXMetal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes


Many people consider the choreography in the cutscenes of The Twin Snakes, directed by Kitamura, to be over the top. It is true that Solid Snake pulls of more acrobatic and gravity defying moves than you would expect from him. But many also agree that these moves suit the character of Gray Fox very well. After all, for a cybernetically enhanced ninja the ceiling is the limit (and even if it is, his HF blade will slice through it like butter).

This fight scene is just one part of the epic climax of Metal Gear Solid’s story. Gray Fox simply declares “I’ll stop it from moving.”, as if stopping a towering, walking tank weighing several tons is nothing. But he also knows that this is the last thing he will do in his life, offering Snake this ‘final present from Deepthroat’. After which the single warrior charges at the mechanical giant, and uses his quick reflexes and the environment to his advantage. An impressive fight follows, filled with cool slow motion moments, crazy camera movements and accompanied by a great music score.

 Nr 4

Old Snake vs ResistanceMetal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots


Metal Gear Solid 4 focuses on Solid Snake as a tired, old soldier near the end of his life. He is a shadow of his former self. But at this point in the game, we get to see a glimpse of his former glory, and are reminded why he is a legendary soldier. Snake just made his way into the secret resistance base, but the young soldiers question wether this can be ‘the guy’. The one that is in Solid Snake’s chokehold is already convinced, since he didn’t hear him coming at all. But the others aren’t sure yet. “But look at him.” one comments. “He’s ancient!” Old Snake doesn’t particularly like this comment, and he decides to teach them a lesson. With the biggest amount of ease, Solid Snake professionally defeats six armed, trained soldiers in less than 30 seconds using only his close combat skills.

 Nr 3

Raiden vs Gekkos Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots


Metal Gear Solid 4 knows a lot of fight scenes featuring Raiden, who is now reborn as a cyborg ninja who can rival Gray Fox in terms of moves. But this scene was chosen, partially because it is Raiden’s introduction and the first time we see him fight, and partially because… well, he takes on a small army of the most powerful foes in the game, in a stylish way. From the first shot on you know this is going to be good. A group of mechanical monsters approaches to attack, while Raiden calmly waits for the right moment to strike. Then, with a combination of evasive maneuvers and jumping attacks, he takes out several Gekkos, before returning to the ground. There he pulls out his second blade, cranks up the speed and slashes his enemies into oblivion. When the next wave of Gekkos shoot their hooked wires into his suit, things seem to go sour. But Raiden responds by wrapping them in their own wires like a spider catches his prey, and gives a fierce tug. The Gekkos collapse, but are immediately replaced by new units. Raiden speeds up even more, and at one point even wields his blade with his foot, and spins around on his arms. He ends by jumping on the control units of the three robots, piercing their mechanisms in the process, and has landed safe and well on the ground before they even had a chance to collapse.

 Nr 2

Snake vs The Boss Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater


Naked Snake and The Boss have battles several times before this fight takes place, but at these instances the fight was very uneven. Snake had not yet accepted the fact that he had to fight his former mentor, and put up little resistance. In addition, The Boss isn’t ‘the mother of special forces’ for no reason, and proved to be an enemy even too great for Snake. But during his mission in the jungles of Russia, Snake has grown both mentally and physically. He has overcome The Boss’s former unit and the emotions that could slow him down or weaken him. For the first time, during this fight Snake is able to withstand The Boss to a certain degree. In the end, he is still bested by her, but his skills have clearly improved, as have his chances to finish the mission successfully.

 Nr 1

Old Snake vs Liquid-Ocelot Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots


“The war is over… but… we still have a score to settle.” Liquid-Ocelot proclaims. What follows is the fight to end all fights. The two prepare for the final showdown, while a remix from Metal Gear’s theme slowly fades in. No weapons, no tricks, no Guns of the Patriots, a raw brawl fought with bare hands.

On top of a submarine in the middle of the ocean, with a sunrise coloring the sky pink and orange, the two fight. The Patriot system has been shut down, it is over. This isn’t a fight over who will be victorious, it’s just the fight: the final moment between two rivals. The culmination of something that started nine years ago. This is the longest fight scene in the series, and also the most dramatic one. It’s full of memorable moments and breathtaking cinematography. It’s not only the best fight scene in the series, but belongs to the top of all cutscenes.

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