More Metal Gear Rising trailers – Cyborgs, Inferno Armor

Yes, the trailers for Metal Gear Rising Revengeance just keep on coming.

In the first video the Cyborgs of the game get a chance to shin (or rather be cut to pieces). Shown in the trailer are cyborg soldiers, cyborg cops, heavy cyborgs and custom cyborgs.

According to GameSpot, the site that posted the video, this is the first in a series of four videos about the game. So it doesn’t end here!

This next trailer showcases Raiden’s Inferno Armor, which increases the amount of throwing weapons (such as grenades) Raiden can carry.

The Inferno Armor is exclusive to Amazon, and you will be able to obtain it by pre-ordering the game there.

Source: GameSpot, Konami Youtube

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