Kojima: ‘Numbered Metal Gear games will always be made by me, or at least at Kojima Productions’

In an interview with IGN, Kojima once again stated that a Metal Gear Rising sequel is certainly a possibility, if people want it. This doesn’t mean that the future of the series is one of solely outsourced games though.

When asked if he would let other developers create games in the Metal Gear series, Kojima said:

“Numbered titles in the series will always be created by myself, or at least created at Kojima Productions.”

Spin offs on the other hand can be created in collaboration with other studios, as was the case with Metal Gear Rising. Western developers are a possibility as well, but they would have to understand the franchise well.


Concerning the next generation of hardware, Kojima said he’s more interested in the horizontal expansion than just the vertical evolution of better hardware and increased graphical capabilities. The way people can socially interact with each other and with the game through various devices. He wants to bring the Metal Gear franchise into this new wider world of interaction (some of these features can be found in Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes).

Source: IGN

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