Hear Solid Snake comment on your actions in Metal Gear Rising

A new video has appeared online to promote the incoming downloadable content for Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. The video shows the new VR Missions, and the Soul Snake Wooden Sword (a wooden sword that is unfused with Snake’s soul, you will hear his voice at certain moments). In the video you can see how Solid Snake’s soul will comment if you strike, get hit, are near death, take recovery items and of course if you go inside a cardboard box.

This DLC will be available for purchase in Japan on April 2nd, and prior to that it will be free for a limited time (2 weeks, starting March 14th). In the US, the first batch of DLC containing the 30 VR missions, is exclusive for PlayStation 3, and like in Japan, it will be available for free for two weeks (from March 12 until April 2). In Europe it will be available for download from March 13th. It is unclear if the Solid Snake sword will make it to the west as well.

Source: Dengeki

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