Hideo Kojima talks about the PlayStation 4

Gaming magazine Edge conducted an interview with Hideo Kojima, in which they asked him about last month’s PlayStation 4 reveal. Kojima was in Europe at the time the console was unveiled, to promote Metal Gear Rising. Therefore, he didn’t have the time to watch the conference live.

When asked what he thought of Sony’s next gen console so far, Kojima responded:

Of course, I know what the hardware is, but I want to see how other companies are using it. First of all, I think that’s great, but it’s nothing special; you could see it coming. It’s the logical evolution of the platform and I think it has to head in that direction, hearing what you said is not surprising.

Honestly, I think all of that is good and great. Social aspects, the multidevice direction: that’s correct, that’s the way to go. But just because it has these features doesn’t mean it’s going to be a success. What will really determine whether or not it sells is what titles will be available for the platform. And unfortunately, even though I am friends with Mark Cerny, he’s never told me what other studios are working on. I even ate a meal with him recently and he didn’t tell me anything.

The full interview can be found in Edge when it goes on sale on March 14.

Source: Edge Online

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