Kojima talks about game development and advancing technology

Hideo Kojima talked a bit about game development at Kojima Productions, and how advancing technology requires staying up to date.

“Making hi-end game takes for 3-4 years if we were to include the concept stage. This time we reconstructed our engine and tool related materials. Even if it’s franchised title, we risk ourselves to add new surprise element. We don’t create with emotions or just because something pops in our mind or but we do carefully consider over and over.”


“I had experienced similar adversity when developing MGS4, where casual gamers were dominating the market. Now with social game domination, it is difficult to keep creating hi-end game solely. But I am not watching only now. Both social and hi-end will be linked together with multidivise or cloud. For the future, I shall hang in there.”

“Game is a media that depends on technology and it advances but does not degenerates. Thus once you step out from ladder of technology, you never able to step on the ladder again. Even in a short period of time not paying attention, the era steps beyond. It’ll endanger you if you get caught up with only the horizontal advancement.”

Kojima talked about multidevice gaming (and made a first step towards it with Transfarring) and the cloud before, and stated a while ago that he found the social features of the PlayStation 4 an interesting prospect.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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