Kojima experimenting with 3D capture

Kojima has been busy doing an experiment on 3D capture, as he wrote himself. He posted some photos on his Twitter showing full body capture by means of a colorful device, some including military equipment.

3D-Scanning-Stefanie-Joosten3D-Scanning-Stefanie-Joosten-23D-Scanning-Stefanie-Joosten-5 3D-Scanning-Stefanie-Joosten-4 3D-Scanning-Stefanie-Joosten-3

3D-Capture-Body Quiet

3D-Scanning-Stefanie-Joosten-7 3D-Scanning-Stefanie-Joosten-63D-Scanning-Stefanie-Joosten-8

Kojima pointed out that the last photo was meant for texturing.

Whether these are just tests or actually will be used in a game remains to be seen. Likely it has to do with the FOX Engine, but Kojima didn’t specify.

Source: Hideo Kojima’s Twitter

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