David Hayter shares his favorite Metal Gear moments

During an interview by IGN’s Greg Miller, David Hayter, the voice of Snake, answered some questions about his favorite moments in the entire series.

Here are his choices:

1. Sniper Wolf’s death scene (MGS1)
David Hayter talked about how he remembers recording this scene together with Christopher Randolph (Otacon) and Tasia Valenza (Sniper Wolf). The video for the cutscenes was already recorded, so they could really get into the moment, and together create a moving scene.

2. Solid Snake to Vulcan Raven: “You want to pull each other’s ears?” (MGS1)
A funny and memorable line by Snake, after Vulcan Raven tells him about an event in the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics.

3. Hunting The End (MGS3)
The fact that you have this two huge areas where the fight takes place, and you can use use directional microphone to find The End and sneak up at him from behind.

4. RAY vs REX (MGS4)
David Hayter didn’t really get into this, apparently it speaks for itself.

5. Final fight between Old Snake and Liquid-Ocelot (MGS4)
The whole fight takes you through the series using the music tracks of the older games.


Hayter talked about two more scenes: Snake dreaming about Shadow Moses in MGS4, and waking up, while his face goes from polygonal MGS1 Snake to Old Snake. Secondly, at the end of Peace Walker, when Bis Boss is asking The Boss (or actually, the AI) why she did what she did. This scene was emotional to record and one of his favorites to do.

Source: IGN

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