Kojima Productions: We know there is a huge fanbase waiting for Metal Gear Online

In their latest podcast hosted by Sean Eyestone, Ken Mendoza and Christopher Johns, Kojima Productions answered some fan questions in the comment section. A lot of people were asking for a new online component (the one bundled with Metal Gear Solid 4 was terminated exactly one year ago). So is there going to be a new Metal Gear Online?

“Whenever we have an announcement, we will make sure that we will make it here on the podcast.” Ken Mendoza said. “We know there is a huge fanbase, there’s a lot of people waiting for it.”

So it looks like it’s not in development at this point in time, but in the future it is certainly possible.

Metal Gear Online

Kojima Productions also talked a lot about the E3 trailer, the sound design that went into creating it, and the changes made in this game.

The MGSV poster Kojima showed that was created for E3 by Kyle Cooper is worth a look. It contains some hidden hints fans can look for.

This game introduces some new elements.

Now you have to infiltrate the base, complete your mission there, but also escape again. So it’s more tactical, there is more planning involved. And you can use vehicles, the passing of time and the weather to your advantage.

Also, there is now stealth on multiple levels, since Snake can climb on rooftops, you have to watch out for what’s above and below as well, not just what’s in front of you. It’s a different type of stealth.

The story is very dark and serious, it tackles a lot of touchy subjects, and Kojima is concerned it may be too dark for some people, because it’s very different from what he has done before. “[The game] is marking a new point in the evolution of the series.”


What followed was an interview with Peter Wayne, sound designer at Kojima Productions. They talked about what went into creating the sound for this trailer.

The sound consists of three elements: voices, music and sound effects. The sound designer is not doing the music or voices, but the sound effects in the game.

One example: Peter Wayne was responsible for the Ocelot and Snake scene at the beginning. This includes sound effects such as the horse irons, saddle, wind, leaves, etc. At Kojima Productions they try to make all the sounds themselves (foley), and not get them from a library, so they are all unique and fit the trailer and the game perfectly. For example, for the horse feet coconuts were used, since bringing an actual horse into a sound recording studio is not really possible.

There were also a lot of comments on the new voice of Snake, on both ends of the spectrum.

“In the end, the results will speak for themselves.” Sean Eyestone said. “We’re sticking by that, and I’m confident that as we move forward, people will agree.”

Lastly, there was some information about the way the characters are being created for this game. Quiet is one of the new characters who had a full 3D scan. So body and face were completely recorded, unlike characters like Snake and Kaz. Some people may recall the photos Kojima posted some time ago about a woman that was being scanned. It’s possible this was for the Quiet character.

Source: KP Alert 3 (June 12 2013)

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