Kojima wants to raise narrative in games to a higher level with MGSV

Some interesting new details about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain emerged from a recent interview by German website Kojima talked about several things (via his translator).

Kojima said he always wanted to do open world in a game, but they didn’t have the technology for it. Now with Fox Engine it’s possible.


On ‘user generated missions’: Kojima hopes the open world aspect an freedom of MGSV will result in players setting their own goals and objectives and compete against each other. As an example, he mentioned someone could ride on the horse from point A to point B, and post the time it took on social media, and then other players can try to beat that time, so it’s kind of a race (whether this is something that will be implemented in the game itself isn’t really clear).

On using Kiefer Sutherland for this game, and the technology of facial capture and 3d scanning in general: “The theme for this game is race, and there’s a lot of different cultures, a lot of different kind of people that are included in this game, and expressions are very important to the story and the game itself.”

Kojima mentioned he wants to bring the stories and themes in games ‘a couple of levels up’, and with it also bring the industry up, as he thinks this is still an area that needs improvement.


On the theme of race: “All the battles and wars that are happening are about race and differences in culture and people, and that’s what causes indifferences and the retaliation back and forth. And in order to make my story complete, this is a obstacle I couldn’t skip and I had to write this.”


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