Details on the CQC system in Metal Gear Solid V

The CQC system of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be a lot more dynamic and fluid than in previous games. This was announced on the Kojima Productions Alert 4, the official podcast of the studio. One fan asked what’s new in the CQC system of The Phantom Pain, and how it differs from Metal Gear Solid 4, in which you could also grab guns from enemies.

The podcast host Sean Eyestone explained: “You can take it [their weapon] from them while in the middle of doing CQC. So the CQC is very dynamic. In past Metal Gears you’ve seen it happen during cutscenes. The Boss for example, will grab a weapon away from someone or Ocelot in MGS4 grabs a weapon away from somebody. Now you can do that. You can disarm someone and in the middle of your CQC combo use that weapon against the person you’re attacking. So it’s very dynamic, very fluid, has more options to it, so in the middle of your combo you can take your gun and clear out several enemies at once. Without having to stop, knock them out, pick up a weapon, that whole process. It’s much more fluid and dynamic.”


Source: KP Alert 4 (June 21 2013)

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